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Principles of Management

Question: Discuss about the Principles of Management. Answer: Introduction In present scenario, the organizations are not solely depended upon the organizational strategies or policies but there are several other factors which impact the organizational performance. The business operating environment has a direct linkage with the two major factors i.e. the internal factors and the external factors. The business organizations analyze the impact of these factors through two major analytical tools. For understanding the internal factor the business organizations takes use of SWOT analysis, benchmarking, rating scale etc. And to analyzethe impact of external factors the business organization takes use of PESTLE analysis, Porter five forces etc. all these tools are used to evaluate the impact of the factors and to make the organization prepare to cope up with the impact of these factors (Sheng, Zhou and Li, 2011). The impact of internal and external factors on the business operating environment Every business organizations have a diverse and unique operating environment. There are numerous external and internal factors which affects the growth, performance and development of the organization. In the recent years there has been posed great emphasis upon the internal and the external factors of an organization as there are several other things which depends upon these factors. The formulation of business strategies, the implementation of plans, the expansion strategies etc. are few such activities which are depended upon the vitality of the internal and external factors. There are number of internal factors in an organization such as culture, financial issues, employee morale and management change (Peng, Wang and Jiang, 2008).Any organization or business can have a change in management at any point of time. The change in management will impact the business operating environment in a way such as the employees can feel disappointed with the change in manager. Other impacts coul d be change consumption of time to get adjusted with the new managerial authorities. This will result into ineffective communication between the manger and the employees. Another internal factor such as change in technology used in operating business can also impact the business operating environment. It is not necessary that each and every employee will adjust and can easily take use of the new and innovative technologies. This will keep the work on halt due to lack of skills in usinginnovative technologies. Another internal factor is employee morale, it is necessary for the businesses to maintain the employee morale. This internal factor directly impacts the productivity and efficiency of the organization. If the morale of the employees is down they will not be able to deliver their best which will result into inefficient productivity and ultimately the organization has to suffer. Financial resources or financial issue is another internal factor which impacts the operating busines s environment (Vega-Jurado, et al., 2008). The growth and effective functioning of any business depends upon the financial stability of that organization. If the financial condition is not strong then it may result into decline of the growth of that business as the organization does not possess funds to expand its business or to take operational risks. Thus it will weaken the position and effective functioning of any business organization. External factors are the one on which the business has a very little or no control over their occurrence and supervision. The external factors comprises of market influences, competitive situation, technological aspects, geographical, political, economic, legal and social factors. In all the countries, there is an economic cycle which is experienced by the economies. There are several economic boom and economic recessions in these cycles. When there is an economic boom it impacts the business organizations in a positive manner as there is increased level of employment, the organization can easily raise the prices or their products and services as the economy is in boom and the individuals are able to give higher pr ices. Thus the prices and profits get impacted with the change in economic factor. On contrary the recession phase de creases the profits and business of the organization as people have lower purchasing power. Hence the organizations are required to reduce theirprices (Eps tein and Buhovac, 2014).The employment rate also decreases as the business does not recruit any further staff because of recession. The second main external factor is the geographical factor which has a direct impact over the business operating environment. The geographical factor has number of influences over the business. For example, if any business exists in Australia, then the country is located in the region of Asia-pacific and so it is vital that as per the geographical locations, the economic conditions of the nearby regions impact the working of the business. For instance, if China is performing well then is beneficial for Australia as there will be effective trade of services and goods among both the countries. As well as in the Asia-pacific region there are several companies located based on Australia. Thus it is vital that the economic conditions must be appropriate of those regions. Therefore all the external factors impact the organizational business in one or another way (Xue, Liang and Boulton, 2008). The impact of the external factors can be understood with a theory from business management i.e. organizational adaptation theory. This theory can b e explained as the organizations are required to transform or modify their procedures and structures so that they can easily cope up with the dynamic business environment and the external factors (Purna, 2017).These may include shift in an economy, any new laws and regulations, technological innovation etc. the organizations must be prepared to adapt the changes which are the result of the external factors. The primary purpose of this theory is to improve the organizational processes which are inefficient and correct the imbalances prevailing in the organizational operations. The organizational adaption can be reactive in nature and may arrive after a sudden change in the external factors. The mangers are required to implement a change in the culture, procedures and strategies to sustain the impact of the external factors (Eisenhardt and Graebner, 2007). The organizational adaptation theory primarily refers to a modification in the external environment factors which dictates modification in a group of organizational businesses instead of a single ora particular business organization to adapt. One of the examples of organizational adaptation is the banks. All the banking organizations adapt the changes and adjust themselves to any new banking regulation passed by the Governments. This may be in terms of dealing with the customers, managing accounts etc. thus all the organization take appropriate steps to adapt the change obtained sue to the external factors (Weiner, 2009).The literature over the theory of organizational adaptation proposes that there are changes which occur in the business overtime. And to adapt these changes there is a need of strategic re-organization of the business which includes re-administration or re-engineering. But the re-organization also differs in nature and all sorts of re-organizations are not equally important (Elbashir, Collier and Davern, 2008). It is the theory with a perspective of adaptation as a changing process, with the aspects related to the environmental determinism or the strategic choice. On argument which exists in the organization adaptation theory is that whether the adaptation is derived environmentally or managerially. To analyze this, several theorists have approached the theory of organizational adaptation by their individual point of view (Nonaka and Von Krogh, 2009). There is one more model from the business management view that is the organizational interpretation process. In this concept, it has been viewed and analyzed that in what manner the organizations act, interpret and approach on the change in the factors which surrounds the organization. There are primarily three stages in this process i.e. scanning, interpretation and learning (Park, 2007).First the business organization analyzes the impact of external factor through scanning. Secondlythe positive as well as negative implications of these fact ors are analyses through interpretation and finally the organization implementstrategies to handle the impact of these factors which is performed in the learning phase. Thus with the help of this concept the organizations prepare themselves for getting impacted with the effect of external factors (Schreygg and Kliesch?Eberl, 2007). Conclusion From this essay it can be concluded that the external and the internal factors are highly vital for the growth, development and effective functioning of a business organization. These factors pose a direct impact over the organizational business and operating environment. The theory of organizational adaptation explains the manner in which the organizations are required to adapt the changes. And the concept of organizational interpretation process is use to analyze the impact of these in three major phases. Thus it is necessary that the organization must analyzeand evaluate these factors overtime so that they may not impact the business in an in-depth manner. By analyzing these on a continuous basis will help the business organization in targeting the opportunities and saving itself from various threats. References Eisenhardt, K.M. and Graebner, M.E., 2007. Theory building from cases: Opportunities and challenges.Academy of management journal,50(1), pp.25-32. Elbashir, M.Z., Collier, P.A. and Davern, M.J., 2008. Measuring the effects of business intelligence systems: The relationship between business process and organizational performance.International Journal of Accounting Information Systems,9(3), pp.135-153. Epstein, M.J. and Buhovac, A.R., 2014.Making sustainability work: Best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental, and economic impacts.Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Nonaka, I. and Von Krogh, G., 2009. PerspectiveTacit knowledge and knowledge conversion: Controversy and advancement in organizational knowledge creation theory.Organization science,20(3), pp.635-652. Park, H. (2007), the impact of environmental factors on business strategies in selected major U.S. apparel manufacturing companies 1970-2005, Pp.172, Accessed on: 2nd February, 2017, Accessed from: Peng, M.W., Wang, D.Y. and Jiang, Y., 2008. An institution-based view of international business strategy: A focus on emerging economies.Journal of international business studies,39(5), pp.920-936. Purna, A., (2017). Organizational Adaptation Theory, Accessed on: 2nd February, 2017, Accessed from: Schreygg, G. and Kliesch?Eberl, M., 2007. How dynamic can organizational capabilities be? Towards a dual?process model of capability dynamization.Strategic management journal,28(9), pp.913-933. Sheng, S., Zhou, K.Z. and Li, J.J., 2011. The effects of business and political ties on firm performance: Evidence from China.Journal of Marketing,75(1), pp.1-15. Vega-Jurado, J., Gutirrez-Gracia, A., Fernndez-de-Lucio, I. and Manjarrs-Henrquez, L., 2008.The effect of external and internal factors on firms product innovation.Research policy,37(4), pp.616-632. Weiner, B.J., 2009. A theory of organizational readiness for change.Implementation science,4(1), p.67. Xue, Y., Liang, H. and Boulton, W.R., 2008. Information technology governance in information technology investment decision processes: the impact of investment characteristics, external environment, and internal context.Mis Quarterly, pp.67-96.

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Jack Russell Terriers Essays - Terriers, Dog Breeds,

Jack Russell Terriers The Jack Russell terrier is a breed of dog developed in the 19th cent. by an English clergyman, the Reverend John (Parson Jack) Russell, 1795-1883, for hunting. The Jack Russell resembles the fox terrier and, like it, has two varieties, one with a short smooth coat, the other-the Parson Jack Russell terrier-wirehaired. It is a smaller dog than the fox terrier, however, weighing 9 to 18 lb (4 to 8 kg) and standing about 10 to 15 in. (25 to 38 cm) at the shoulder. The color is white with reddish brown, black, or tan markings. The Jack Russell has dark, almond-shaped eyes and V-shaped ears that are carried forward. The terrier is not a recognized American Kennel Club breed and less emphasis has been placed on its conforming to a breed standard than on its abilities as a hunting and companion dog. The breed can become aggressive and destructive if not given the attention and exercise required by a dog bred for hunting. Animal Science

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ghost story Essay Example

ghost story Essay Example ghost story Paper ghost story Paper Essay Topic: Amy Tan Short Stories Blankets ghost story BY sahi12112 Sign In Sell Your Art Top of Form Bottom of Form etchagirl Portfolio Wake Up Call (a ghost story in about 500 words) Wake Up Call (a ghost story in about 500 words) The lake closed over her nose and mouth as Sara sucked in a lung-full of cold, black water. On her next breath, she opened her eyes and saw the red LCD shining: 12:02 AM. Again. Three nights in a row, same dream, same time. Sweat dripped from her hair and drenched her nightgown. Sara stumbled to the bathroom, turning on all of the lights to shake off the aura of the dream that still clung to her. Steam from the shower filled the bathroom and Sara breathed it in deeply. She could still smell the dankness of her dream. She dropped her head and closed her eyes. They snapped back open as a hissing vortex suddenly sucked all of the steam into the drain at her feet. In the same instant, a fish-dead hand slid across her shoulder. She screamed and threw her body against the shower wall, turning the showerhead to the left. The water scalded her neck, shoulder and hand as she battled to stop the flow. Adrenaline, pain and fear drove her stiffly from the shower. : The room was bright. Normal. Her body shook convulsively and she reached for a towel to warm herself. The towel brushed her badly burned shoulder and she hissed in pain. It sobered her and she headed to the kitchen where she kept the emergency burn salve. In the kitchen, the salve was already laid out, with fresh gauze, waiting for her. Normal went away again. The old woman spoke warmly, Here, let me get that for you. It was my fault so sorry but it IS awfully difficult to get your attention! Sara was frozen in shock. The woman placed a cup in her hand. Here drink this. Coffee. You need it. Sara sipped wordlessly, numb to the un-reality. l cant stay long, said the old woman. Manifestation takes sooo much energy. Easier to show up in a dream, but you kept drowning on me! She let out a little chortle. Shock and disbelief turned to annoyance and the very-real pain in her shoulder made her angry. Well, youVe got my attention now what do you WANT? Its not what I want, but what you want, my dear. l want you to go leave me alone. Thats one option. YouVe been given a choice. You are due to die. The old woman let it sink in. Im here to prove that we do go on, after we die. Thats supposed to be reassuring? The hair on Saras arms stood up. For many people it is. Your choice is this: tell people what youVe experienced here tonight give them hope, or die at 12:02 tomorrow. As the last word left her lips, the woman started to fade. Its up to you, dear.. . For the first time in days, Sara felt calm. She placed a terry-cloth robe gingerly on her freshly-bandaged shoulder, took a sip of coffee and dialed the phone. Next Previous Skip to content. EServer ? » Tlctlon nome ? » snort Hctlon ? » Fiction Search Sections Home Contact Us Journals News Novels Short Fiction SiteMap Web Links Navigation Biographies Criticism The Innocence of Father Brown Un Mudo en la Garganta Rex Stout: Short Stories Short Fiction of Ovidiu Bufnila Short Stories of Charles Chesnutt A Ghost Story A GHOST STORY by MARK TWAIN A Gnost story From Sketches New and Old, Copyright 1903, Samuel Clemens. This text is placed in the Public Domain (May 1993). I TOOK a large room, far up Broadway, in a huge old building whose upper stories had been wholly unoccupied for years, until I came. The place had long been given up to dust and cobwebs, to solitude and silence. I seemed groping among the tombs and invading the privacy of the dead, that first night I climbed up to my quarters. For the first time in my life a superstitious dread came over me; and as I turned a dark angle 0T tne stalrway ana an InvlslDle cooweD swung Its slazy WOOT In my race ana clung there, I shuddered as one who had encountered a phantom. I was glad enough when I reached my room and locked out the mould and the darkness. A cheery fire was burning in the grate, and I sat down before it with a comforting sense of relief. For two hours I sat there, thinking of bygone times; recalling old scenes, and summoning half-forgotten faces out of the mists of the past; listening, in fancy, to oices that long ago grew silent for all time, and to once familiar songs that nobody sings now. And as my reverie softened down to a sadder and sadder pathos, the shrieking of the winds outside softened to a wail, the angry beating of the rain against the panes diminished to a tranquil patter, and one by one the noises in the street subsided, until the hurrying foot- steps of the last belated straggler died away in the distance and left no sound behind. The fire had burned low. A sense of loneliness crept over me. I arose and undressed, moving on tiptoe about the room, oing stealthily what I had to do, as if I were environed by sleeping enemies whose slumbers it would be fatal to break. I covered up in bed, and lay listening to the rain and wind and the faint creaking of distant shutters, till they lulled me to sleep. I slept profoundly, but how long I do not know. All at once I found myself awake, and filled with a shuddering expectancy. All was still. All but my own heart I could hear it beat. Presently the bed- clothes began to slip away slowly toward the foot of the bed, as if some one were pulling them! I could not stir; I could not speak. Still the blankets lipped deliberately away, till my breast was un- covered. Then with a great effort I seized them and drew them over my head. I waited, listened, waited. Once more that steady pull began, and once more I lay torpid a century of dragging seconds till my breast was naked again. At last I roused my ener- gies and snatched the covers back to their place and held them with a strong grip. I waited. By and by I felt a faint tug, and took a fresh grip. The tug strengthened to a steady strain it grew stronger and stronger. My hold parted, and for the third time the blankets slid away. I groaned. An answering groan came from the foot of the bed! Beaded drops of sweat stood upon my forehead. I was more dead than alive. Presently I heard a heavy footstep in my room the step of an ele- phant, it seemed to me it was not like anything human. But it was moving FROM me there was relief in that. I heard it approach the door pass out without moving bolt or lock and wander away among the dismal corridors, straining the floors and Joists till they creaked again as it passed and then silence reigned once more. When my excitement had calmed, I said to my- self, This is a dream simply a hideous dream. And so I lay thinking it over until I convinced yself that it WAS a dream, and then a comforting laugh relaxed my lips and I was happy again. I got up and struck a light; and when I found that the locks and bolts were Just as I had left them, another soothing laugh welled in my heart and rip- pled from my lips. I took my pipe and lit it, and was Just sitting down before the fire, when down went the pipe out of my nerveless fingers, the blood forsook my cheeks, and my placid breathing was cut short with a gasp! In the ashes on the hearth, side by side with my own bare footprint, was another, so vast that in comparison mine was but an infants! Then I had HAD a visitor, and the elephant tread was explained. I put out the light and returned to bed, palsied with fear. I lay a long time, peering into the dark- ness, and listening. Then I heard a grating noise overhead, like the dragging of a neavy Doay across tne moor; tnen tne tnrowlng clown 0T tneD y ana tne snaKlng of my windows in response to the con- cussion. In distant parts of the building I heard the muffled slamming of doors. I heard, at inter- vals, stealthy footsteps creeping in and out among the corridors, and up and down the stairs. Some- times these noises approached my door, hesitated, and went away again. I heard the clanking of chains faintly, in remote passages, and listened while the clanking grew nearer while it wearily climbed the stairways, marking each move by the loose surplus of chain that fell with an accented rattle upon each succeeding step as the goblin that bore it ad- vanced. I heard muttered sentences; half-uttered screams that seemed smothered violently; and the swish of invisible garments, the rush of invisible wings. Then I became conscious that my chamber was invaded that I was not alone. I heard sighs and breathings about my bed, and mysterious whis- perings. Three little spheres of soft phosphorescent light appeared on the ceiling directly over my head, clung and glowed there a moment, and then dropped two of them upon my face and one upon the pillow. They spattered, liquidly, and felt warm. Intuition told me they had turned to gouts of blood as they fell I needed no light to satisfy myself of that. Then I saw pallid faces, dimly luminous, and white uplifted hands, floating bodiless in the air floating a moment and then disappearing. The whispering ceased, and the voices and the sounds, and a solemn stillness followed. I waited and listened. I felt that I must have light or die. I was weak with fear. I slowly raised myself toward a sitting posture, and my face came in contact with a clammy hand! All strength went from me ap- parently, and I fell back like a stricken invalid. Then I heard the rustle of a garment it seemed to pass to the door and go out. When everything was still once more, I crept out of bed, sick and feeble, and lit the gas with a hand that trembled as if it were aged with a hundred years. The light brought some little cheer to my spirits. I sat down and fell into a dreamy contem- plation of that great footprint in the ashes. By and by its outlines began to waver and grow dim. I glanced up and the broad gas flame was slowly wilt- ing away. In the same moment I heard that ele- phantine tread again. I noted its approach, nearer and nearer, along the musty halls, and dimmer and dimmer the light waned. The tread reached my very door and paused the light had dwindled to a sickly blue, and all things about me lay in a spectral twilight. The door did not open, and yet I felt a faint gust of air fan my cheek, and presently was conscious of a huge, cloudy presence before me. I watched it with fascinated eyes. A pale glow stole over the Thing; gradually its cloudy folds took shape an arm appeared, then legs, then a body, and last a great sad face looked out of the vapor. Stripped of its filmy housings, naked, muscular and comely, the majestic Cardiff Giant loomed above me! All my misery vanished for a child might know that no harm could come with that benignant countenance. My cheerful spirits returned at once, and in sympathy with them the gas flamed up brightly again. Never a lonely outcast was so glad to welcome company as I was to greet the friendly giant. I said: Why, is it nobody but you? Do you know, I have been scared to death for the last two or three hours? I am most honestly glad to see you. I wish I had a chair Here, here, dont try to sit down in that thing! But it was too late. He was in it before I could stop him, and down he went I never saw a chair shivered so in my life. Stop, stop, Youll ruin ev loo late agaln. I nere was anotner crasn, ana anotner cnalr was resolved Into Its original elements. Confound it, havent you got any Judgment at all? Do you want to ruin all the furniture on the place? Here, here, you petrified fool But it was no use. Before I could arrest him he had sat down on the bed, and it was a melancholy ruin. Now what sort of a way is that to do? First you come lumbering about the place bringing a legion of vagabond goblins along with you to worry me to death, and then when I overlook an indelicacy of costume which would not be tolerated anywhere by cultivated people except in a respectable theater, and not even there if the nudity were of YOUR sex, you repay me by wrecking all the furniture you can find to sit down on. And why will you? You damage yourself as much as you do me. You have broken off the end of your spinal column, and lit- tered up the floor with chips of your hams till the place looks like a marble yard. You ought to be ashamed of yourself you are big enough to know better. Well, I will not break any more furniture. But what am I to do? I have not had a chance to sit down for a century. And the tears came into his eyes. Poor devil, I said, l should not have been so harsh with you. And you are an orphan, too, no doubt. But sit down on the floor here nothing else can stand your weight and besides, we cannot be sociable with you away up there above me; I want you down where I can perch on this high counting-house stool and gossip with you face to face. So he sat down on the floor, and lit a pipe which I gave him, threw ne of my red blankets over his shoulders, inverted my sitz-bath on his head, helmet fashion, and made himself picturesque and comfort- able. Then he crossed his ankles, while I renewed the fire, and exposed the flat, honey-combed bot- toms of his prodigious feet to the grateful warmth. What is the matter with the bottom of your feet and the back of your legs, that they are gouged up so? Infernal chillblains I caught them clear up to the back of my head, roosting out there under Newells farm. But I love the place; I love it as one loves his old home. There is no peace for me like the peace I feel when I am there. We talked along for half an hour, and then I noticed that he looked tire d, and spoke of it. Tired? he said. Well, I should think so. And now I will tell you all about it, since you have treated me so well. I am the spirit of the Petrified Man that lies across the street there in the Museum. I am the ghost of the Cardiff Giant. I can have no rest, no peace, till they have given that poor body burial again. Now what was the most natural thing for me to do, to make men satisfy this wish? Terrify them into it! haunt the place where the body lay! So I haunted the museum night after night. I even got other spirits to help me. But it did no good, for nobody ever came to the museum at midnight. Then it occurred to me to come over the way and haunt this place a little. I felt that if I ever got a hearing I must succeed, for I had the most efficient company that perdition could furnish. Night after night we have shivered around through these mildewed halls, dragging chains, groaning, whispering, tramping up and down stairs, till, to tell you the truth, I am almost worn out. But when I saw a light in your room to-night I roused my energies again and went at it with a deal of the old freshness. But I am tired out entirely fagged out. Give me, I beseech you, give me some hope! I lit off my perch in a burst of excitement, and exclaimed: This transcends everything everything that ever did occur! Why you poor blundering old fossil, you have had all your trouble for nothing you have been nauntlng a IER CASI 0T your- selT tne real car01TT Glant Is In AIDany! 1 Footnote by Twain: A fact. The original fraud was ingeniously and fraudfully duplicated, and exhibited in New York as the only genuine Cardiff Giant (to the unspeakable disgust of the owners of the re al colossus) at the very same time that the latter was drawing rowds at a museum in Albany. Confound it, dont you know your own remains? I never saw such an eloquent look of shame, of pitiable humiliation, overspread a countenance before. The Petrified Man rose slowly to his feet, and said: Honestly, IS that true? As true as I am sitting here. He took the pipe from his mouth and laid it on the mantel, then stood irresolute a moment (uncon sciously, from old habit, thrusting his hands where his pantaloons pockets should have been, and medi- tatively dropping his chin on his breast), and finally said: Well I NEVER felt so absurd before. The Petrified Man has sold verybody else, and now the mean fraud has ended by selling its own ghost! My son, if there is any charity left in your heart for a poor friendless phantom like me, dont let this get out. Think how YOU would feel if you had made such an ass of yourself. I heard his, stately tramp die away, step by step down the stairs and out into the deserted street, and felt sorry that he was gone, poor fellow and sorrier still that he had carried off my red blanket and my bath tub. END. Personal tools You are not logged in Join our Editors Log in Copyright 1994-2013 by the EServer. All rights reserved.

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Harrison Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Harrison Company - Case Study Example It is important to highlight that the company faces multiple social and ethical issues. The issues are being identified and discussed in the table below: Issue Description about the issue Association in terms of outsourcing with a Honduran company that engages unethical manufacturing practices in its units The issue of unethical manufacturing practices engaged by a Honduran company came into focus when one of the ex employees of the company spread the word in the media that the company share a buyer relationship with the Honduran company that follows slave like working conditions for its employees. The ex employee brought the accusation that Harrison Company engage in buying inexpensive clothing from the Honduran company. Lack of whistle blowing policy It can be assumed that the claim by the ex employee that he was fired because he tried to generate awareness among the top management about the unethical practices of the Honduran company as true. The reason behind considering this inc ident as a true one is because there is no possible documentation of this incident, which further reveals that the top management did not want to keep a record of this incident and preferred to keep it hidden from the employee view. The lack of a whistle policy within the organization and the option of protecting an employee who engages in whistle blowing activity for the welfare of the organization perceived as a very serious ethical issue. Lack of ability to form a union The company’s focus on restricting the freedom of the employees to form a union has to be considered seriously from the ethical angles. The inability to form a union by the company’s employees will keep themselves vulnerable to the whims and fancies of the top managements. The top management has the ability to make certain changes in regards to pay as well as working conditions which may not be on the employees’ collective favour. The lack of ability to form a union by the employees will lead to the loss of the power of the employees to engage in collective bargaining, which has the potential to develop a sustainable and healthy work environment within the company. Significant amount of donation to the charity It has been identified that the company makes a huge amount of contribution to the favourite charity of the previous president, which is located very close to the company headquarters. Since the company is facing financial difficulties in the current times, the large contributions to the charity become an indirect social issue. The reason this can be a social issue for the company is because the company is focusing on generating profits by relying on part time workers, thereby reducing the chances of full time employment for the potential employees. Significant amount of contribution to the various communities It has also been found that the company makes a considerable amount of contribution to various community specific endeavours. Since the company is facing fin ancial difficulties in the current times, the large contributions to the community endeavours become an indirect social issue. The reason this can be a social issue for the company is because the company is focusing on generating profits by relying on part time workers, thereby reducing the chances of full time employment for the potential employees. Talking in regards to a factor of environmental stability, the issue of unethical slave like manufacturing conditions within the Honduran company needs to be taken into focus. This particular issue has been considered since it has the ability to trigger a threatening situation in terms of political as well as social environment stability in the host country. It needs to be considered that the continued engagement and association of Harrison Company with the Honduran company, which already has developed a notorious reputation for slave type manufacturing conditions, will have a strong negative impact on the company’

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Brand Management Take Home Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Brand Management Take Home Exam - Essay Example Apple primarily tries to go for cutting edge technology which is a strong marketing proposition that it tries to integrate in all of its product offerings. This is the reason why Apple is highly associated with quality. Having an Apple brand would mean getting the right quality of product offering. The cutting-edge technology is a substantial product strategy of Apple and it truly invests in this area because this is a good marketing strategy that entices the target market. Apple is good at stimulating market needs and this is truly emphasized by its brand features on highly advanced technology and product design. There must be something about the product in order for it to be more attractive in the market (Belch and Belch 1998, 69; Boone and Kurtz 2008, 56; Kotler et al. 1999, 89). On the other hand, in line with marketing program investment for product, Apple brand substantially considers innovating possibilities. Apple is one of the leading brands in its industry on differentiatio n. The product innovation is clearly one of Apple brand’s competitive strategy and this highlights its capacity to be the leading brand in the market. Apple brand is known for its distinctive market campaign. Since it is good at stimulating needs, it has to strategically invest in distinctive marketing campaign as part of its dynamic communication for its brand. Apple brand is widely heard on national television’s commercials, print advertisements, posters in public areas and wrap advertisement campaigns. Customer Mindset Marketing is clearly an important component in spreading Apple brand and especially on the part of how it creates impact on customers’ mindset. It is in this move that the brand has important goal to substantially stimulate customers’ needs. In line with this, it has become so easy for Apple to influence customers’ awareness about its brand through emphasizing its innovative products. Its innovation comes in different areas but th ey all substantially focused on differentiation in general. With this differentiation, customers are given the chance to be aware on specific issues about what makes Apple different from other brands. This is a specific area where Apple brand is successful about creating awareness for its target market especially on its innovative new product design and technology. It is in line with this that Apple tries to integrate in its brand the customer loyalty by serving high quality brand and highly on time to satisfy customers. It is through this that Apple brand develop a certain level of customer loyalty for its brand. This is a specific component of attachment that is developed at the mindset of customers. Market Performance In the United States, the best-price strategy compared to low-cost strategy is tantamount to high quality standard of product or service offering. This is the reason why customers are willing to pay for high price and it is expected that such is highly associated wi th high standard quality. It is a challenge then among products with premium prices to achieve certain level of customers’ expectations. Apple brand is successful in satisfying customers’ expectations. This justifies its premium price to speak for itself and this further means that Apple strategy to go for best price is tantamount to high standard quality and customer satisfaction. Apple brand is primarily the leading innovator in its industry. Its name cannot be highly disregarded by its competitors. The bottom line is that it has achieved

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Historical Linguistics or Diachronic Linguistics Essay

Historical Linguistics or Diachronic Linguistics - Essay Example However, scholars of language evolution have provided evidence that language is mutable and this mutability could be narrowed down to empirical evidence by some comparisons of each language in reference to some different stages in development in given historical perspectives. This school of thought that presupposes language evolution argues that it does not demand for one to be a trained specialist in order to notice that language has changed. This could be attributed to the fact that over the years, people who are not interested in language studies have still acknowledged the observations that language has changed. For example, during his time, Socrates in Cratylus (418C) ,as Plato notes, did comment on what he happened to analyze as the ‘conservative pronunciation’ when referring to the women of his time while comparing this to the pronunciation of the other women, in which case he mistook this for innovative pronunciation (Howatt 12-18). This paper considers historica l linguistics while putting into account the Anglo-Saxons, Norman Conquest, Old and Modern English, French and German influences on language, we notice that indeed there have been many changes in language over time. There is thus enough evidence to claim brought about by a continuing force in every language. Historical linguistics deals with general changes in language over time where such languages are described, catalogued, and eventually explained to give meaning to others. It is simply the study of how languages have evolved and managed to change over a given period of time putting in mind the empirical evidence (Collingwood 325). Anglo-Saxons, Norman Conquest, Old to Modern English, French and Germanic influences, as well as other languages Anglo-Saxon describes the Germanic tribes that did invade the southern and eastern parts of the then Great Britain during the beginning of 5th Century AD. This group forms the time of creating the English nation to the time of Norman Conques t. It is part of the old English. This language experienced gradual and at times dramatic changes (Baugh and Thomas 44-48). These Anglos, Saxons and jutes were isolated from the Germanic tribes’ mainland and this led to the development of Anglo-Saxons leading to a diversion from the Germanic mainland languages. For example, the old language of Anglo-Saxon’s consonant [sk] did change to [sh] like was in skield to shield. The amazing thing is that this change did take place in all the words that were used at the time. The recent borrowings made from Latin and aboriginal languages were not spared too, for instance, the disk to dish and skip to ship. This evolution of the old English used by Anglo-Saxons was influenced by the events known to be historical and cultural in nature, which were the conversion of the British people to Christians by the roman missionaries and the Latin borrowing; and secondly, the Viking invasion into the Isles of Britain (Jambor 103–123). These two developments brought extreme changes to the language leading to dropping of many strong verbs and regularizing others. For instance, help/help-ed was born by dropping holp. Despite the changes due to the Norse influence, the Old English still maintained its Germanic form (Collingwood 325). When the Anglo-Saxon’s era ended, the Norman French invasion came into place led by William the Conqueror during the battle of

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Formal Reality And Objective Reality

Formal Reality And Objective Reality To begin this approach, Descartes introduces formal reality and objective reality. Formal reality is said to be what humans can actually see and prove to be their senses, and objective reality is what is in their minds. Descartes goes on to say, Hence it follows, both that nothing can come from nothing, and that what is more perfect cannot derive from what is less perfect (Third Meditation 29). In this quote Descartes believes that nothing can come from nothing: a person cannot get one from zero; for an effect to happen their must be a cause, and an effect must have as much reality as its cause, as so, something that is perfect cannot come from something that is less perfect. For example, it is not possible to have hot water without a thing that creates heat. Also, electricity is what causes a light bulb to turn on, but a light bulb cannot cause electricity. After realising this, Descartes uses this argument to sum up how the idea of God came to be. He believes that he is not perfect and has limits, so how can the idea of an all knowing and all powerful being with no limits be even thought of. All real ideas come from other real ideas, and even unreal ideas have real qualities in them. A flying pig might not be real, but the idea comes from a pig, and a flying object put together; fairies might not be real, but the idea comes from putting flying qualities to a person. So this Idea of God came from something as real as God, and since there is nothing on earth that is as real as God, we must have been born with the idea, so therefore God exists. In Descartes meditation his premises are structured. One must first accept that the idea of God is more real than anything that is limited; after accepting that, one must accept that an effect cannot be greater than its cause; and after accepting that, one must accept that the idea of God cannot be thought off with out a cause, or without it being real. Once you have accepted all of these it is clear to say that God exists, but if one denies any one of these premises the conclusion fails. Although Descartes believes to have solved the existence of God, many other people such as Atheists have went on to argue that God does not exist. A popular argument against the existence of God is the paradox of the stone: Can God create a stone so heavy that he cannot lift?'(Arguments for Atheisms). God is known to have unlimited power, so if God cannot create a stone more powerful than him, then he does not have unlimited power; if he is able to create such a stone that he cannot lift, then he still does not have unlimited power. So either way God is not all powerful; something that is all powerful can do everything, and since God cannot do everything, God does not exist. Though this argument is seemingly legit, there are many arguments that proves its falseness. Descartes believes that God can do the logically impossible, so God can make two plus two equal five. However, Thomas Aquinas (A Christian philosopher) believed that God can possibly do anything, but he cannot go against the laws of logic. With Aquinas argument, it proves that God cannot do something, which has to be false because God has to be able to do everything. So if we go with Descartes argument that God can make two plus two five, it also means that God can Create a stone that he cannot lift, and then lift it. This argument may seem difficult to understand, but Descartes tells us not to try and understand God because it is not possible. This proves that the argument of the paradox is false, a simple way to prove that it is false, is that God is known to be a spirit that cannot be seen, but here the paradox argument gives God human qualities (The Paradox of the Stone). The stone argument failed to prove that God does not exist, so Descartes argument about Gods existence still stands. But looking at it in a different way, say that a person is stuck on an island, and this person cannot escape, so he/she builds some type of shelter to be protected from the bad weather such as, rain and cold temperatures. Now, this person does not know what perfect is, but while building this shelter, this person will not attempt to make it bad seeing he/she wants good protection; this person will attempt to make a perfect shelter, so can the idea of something perfect not come from our selves? Descartes answer to this question would be no: everything has its opposites, and one opposite cannot be without the other. For example, there cannot be heat without cold, and one would not know what pain is without joy. Which must mean that God exist because humans are imperfect, and the opposite of imperfect is perfect. It is very difficult to disprove Gods existence, but if God exists, and everything has a cause; what caused God? Scientist hold this point strongly as to disprove the existence of God. Descartes, however, says not to try and understand God, but his whole meditation attempts to find if God exists which is trying to understand. Descartes somehow goes around the question what caused God. In the world we live in today, one should not be surprised if one does not believe that God exists. It is simple, in our society proof is necessary; if a close friend was to threaten to kill themselves, it would not be all that believable, but when the friend shows a weapon to be used, then the belief will increase. Also, one cannot go to a court room and say to a judge, He is the murderer, you might not understand your honour, but he killed an old lady. One would need some type of convincing proof to prove that someone is a murderer. It is just how the world works. Descartes believes that God is not a Deceiver, and that God is supremely Good, if it is so, why does God allow suffering? If a father, that is known to be good, one day sees his twenty three year old son on the street begging for food and money, and the father realizes this and walks away, is it reasonable to say that the father is good? Not at all, in fact one would believe that the father has abandoned his son. This argument has been used countless times to disprove the existence of God. Arguments can go both ways, and this argument about the existence of God is ridiculously difficult. One can conclude that God exists, but until physical evidence or something more real is shown, saying that God exists will just be a theory, at least in this world. Perhaps if one was in a world where there is simply one religion and one belief, then the idea of a God would be easy to believe, even if it is false. So Descartes has reasonable ideas of the existence of God, but as long as we are in a world filled with many different race, religion, and ideas, Descartes argument about Gods existence will always be plausible.