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Love. Narration English Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Love. Portrayal English Paper - Essay Example My dad was driving and my mom was perched on the front seat. I was perched on the secondary lounge with my sibling and we were getting a charge out of by tuning in to music and taking pictures along the street. When our vehicle turned towards the roadway, a truck that had messed up came and struck our vehicle. Our vehicle spun lastly stopped. I was trembling as I saw blood pouring down from my brother’s face. My folks and my more youthful sibling were oblivious. It was a terrifying sight and I was in a condition of stun. Before long ambulances came to and we were taken to the medical clinic. My sibling and my mom supported wounds however they were released following two days. The mishap was the most terrifying event of my life. Till this day, the recognition of the mishap makes me shudder as I can't overlook the situation when I felt defenseless and didn't have a clue what to do. I had bad dreams of the mishap and it took a very long time for me to recoup from the

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AC/DC - Black Ice free essay sample

In October 2008, Australian hard rock band AC/DC discharged its first studio collection in quite a while entitled Black Ice. After its discharge, the collection shot to number one on 29 graphs around the world, selling 784,000 duplicates in the United States and over 1.7 million worldwide in its first week. The track Rock N Roll Train was discharged as a solitary and keeps on being a top played tune on many radio broadcasts. Air conditioning/DC was shaped in 1973 by siblings Angus and Malcolm Young, who are the groups guitarists, alongside drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams. Lead vocalist Brian Johnson joined the band in 1980 after the lamentable demise of artist Bon Scott. They have created an aggregate of seventeen collections to date, including their 1980 discharge Back in Black which sold more than 200 million duplicates. The band has endure the trial of time by keeping a dependable fan base and a predictable melodic style. Other exemplary groups have frequently surrendered to the weights of present day popular music, getting delicate, smooth and less intricate. We will compose a custom exposition test on Air conditioning/DC Black Ice or then again any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page This can draw in new fans, yet incenses a lot progressively faithful fans. Air conditioning/DC despite everything gives its supporters what they need, which is noisy awesome with a lot of amazing harmonies, riffs and drumming. On Black Ice, they have made fifteen new and interesting tracks while as yet having the option to shake as they did in the early years. Subsequent to giving the collection an underlying tuning in, the tunes Anything Goes, Smash N Grab, and Money Made were the most engaging due to their incredible and noticeable guitar, bass and vocals. The vast majority of different tunes take a couple of more tunes in to genuinely appreciate. Generally speaking, this collection gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5, since fans will acknowledge AC/DCs trustworthiness to adhere to their foundations for thirty-five years. It is a decent proposal for any fanatic of hard rock or substantial metal to look at this collection. Dark Ice is a collection that will be famous and impact the music business for a considerable length of time to come.

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Ultimate Guide to Paleo Diet

Ultimate Guide to Paleo Diet These days, it appears that more and more people are becoming more concerned about being healthy and not simply being lean by losing weight. Losing weight can be done in various ways, the most recommended of which is working out at the gym or engaging in sports and other physical activities. Combine that with a balanced diet, and you can be sure to lose weight, be fit, and get the body you want.The types of diets are becoming diverse, with so many diet and food programs cropping up left, right and center, claiming to be the “best” and “most effective” weight loss and health programs. These diet programs quickly become popular trends, but many of them also end up fizzling out quickly, joining the heap of “diet fads” that seemed to work at first, but do not really last long enough to take a permanent hold in the consciousness of the public. This could be because they aren’t really as effective as they claimed to be, or some other food program or diet plan has emerged to t ake its place in the rankings.Weight loss is no longer the only reason why diets are getting the amount of attention that they are getting. In addition to looking slim and flexibility while being able to fit in smaller-size clothes, good health and long life are slowly becoming bigger concerns. People now take these into consideration when choosing the type of diet to follow.South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, DASH Diet, Jenny Craig Diet, Weight Watchers Diet, Mediterranean Diet… these are only a few of the most popular and enduring food programs today. However, there is another diet that has been around for quite a while now, and is still getting a lot of support from health buffs and medical professionals. We can comfortably say that this diet has stood the test of time. It is the Paleo Diet. © Shutterstock | MaraZeIn this guide, we explain 1) what is the Paleo Diet, 2) what are the Paleo principles, 3) pros and cons, and 4) what to eat and what not according to the Paleo Diet.WHAT IS PALEO?You’ve probably heard of the Caveman Diet and the Stone Age Diet. These are actually one and the same, and are simply alternative names for what is known as the Paleo Diet. But what is Paleo?The more complete and accurate name for Paleo is actually “Paleolithic diet”, in reference to the prehistoric era when cavemen, or Paleolithic humans, lived. It was called as such because it operated on the premise that you should eat what our ancestors â€" the cavemen during the Stone Age â€" ate. That is why we also often hear Paleo being described as the “hunter-gatherer” diet.The origins of the Paleo diet can be traced to the growing awareness that the current diets, particularly in first-world countries, are seen as the main culprits in many health and medical problems, such as obes ity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, and various types of cancer.These â€" heart diseases and Type 2 diabetes, in particular â€" have become referred to as “diseases of civilization” or “lifestyle diseases”, because they became more prevalent as modern age was ushered in and the Stone Age was left behind. They are also mostly traceable back to how one leads his lifestyle, specifically the components of the western diet that he mostly follows.As such, many diets are focusing on cutting down or regulating one’s calorie intake and increasing the consumption of specific foods that provide specific nutritional components. Still, some of these do not seem to be enough, and the high number of contradictions tends to confuse us even more. Paleo is gaining a lot of ground, because it encourages us to go “back to the basics”, or go back to the beginning. The lifestyle diseases that are now very common were non-existent   during the Stone Age, and this is the ins piration that advocates of the Paleo diet are going with.From the little that we know about people back then, we know that the average Stone Age man was tall, agile, athletic, muscular, and healthy. This is not something that we can say for the average man during this modern day and age, where this or that disease is a threat, and they are under a lot of stress and sleep deprivation.They took a look at what the people during the Paleolithic era ate, how they lived and the activities they were engaged in. People back then didn’t have junk food, pasta or processed foods. Regardless of this, they lived long, fit and healthy lives. So why not do the same today?PRINCIPLES OF PALEOThe primary claim of Paleo is a healthier and disease-free life, since it focuses on the prevention and control of many chronic degenerative diseases. In addition, it is also recommended for weight loss and the maintenance of a lean body after weight loss as long as you implement a balance between your food pl an, calorie intake, and physical exercise. Keep in mind, however, that weight loss is not really the goal of Paleo. Improved overall health is.The core principles of paleo can be summed up in one sentence: “eat what the cavemen ate, and avoid what they didn’t.” It’s as simple as that. Take note that the Stone Age era was way before agriculture and modern techniques in farming were introduced, so the food products that were produced through these techniques are excluded from the food list.To this end, we can further simplify Paleo as going without grains, sugar, and processed foods. This will be discussed in more detail later in this article. One thing that must be made clear, however: Paleo is not the diet alone, although it cannot be denied that it gained popularity because of its diet and food plans. Paleo, as a whole, refers to a lifestyle that has been in existence from way back during the prehistoric times. It is only in recent years that it is being taken seriously. On e integral part of this lifestyle is the diet, which we will be looking into in the succeeding discussion.PROS AND CONS OF PALEOIt may help you to understand Paleo further if we take a look at its noted advantages and disadvantages.Advantages+ Easy to follow. The specific dos and don’ts are laid out, all you have to do is to follow them. The foods to avoid and foods to eat are clear, and so are the restrictions.+ Helps weight loss. This is due to its “no sugar” characteristic. Yes, going Paleo means almost completely eliminating sugar from your food list. Sugar, or glucose, is a source of energy and a component that we actually need in order for our body to function. However, natural sugars, particularly those from fruits, are recommended. Unfortunately, we get sugar from other sources, and often in excessive amounts too. Intake of too much sugar can cause an energy spike, since it has to be processed by the body immediately. Otherwise, these sugars will turn to fat that is st ored under the skin. With no sugar on your diet, your weight loss regimen is aided.+ Does not limit meat. People who love to eat meat need not be concerned about completely cutting it out of their diets. They can still enjoy meat; after all, the hunter-gatherers during prehistoric times ate meat too, didn’t they?Disadvantages Expensive. Most of the popular diets cost money if followed strictly, and it is no different with Paleo. In fact, it is quite pricey, since they mostly focus on produce and meat, and these do not come cheap, especially if they are unprocessed. Removes grains. Paleo eliminates grains from the diet, which can be a bummer to many people. However, it is a fact that grains are composed mainly of carbohydrates that are turned into glucose which may, in turn, be stored as fat if not used by the body for energy. Again, we will look into grains further later. Say goodbye to (some) dairy. Are you the type that loves processed milk and dairy products such as cheese? The n you’ll be sorry to hear that going Paleo means giving up on dairy as well. This may be a little hard, especially for those who literally grew up having these for breakfast. Requires a lot of discipline. Aside from following the food plan, you have to combine it with exercise and physical activity â€" just like how people lived during the Stone Age.PALEO FOOD PALEO DIETNow it is time to take a closer look at the foods that you should include in your Paleo diet. Of course, it is equally important to identify those that you have to avoid.What To EatThe key point to remember when picking foods to add on your Paleo food list is that they must be unprocessed (or, even if they have undergone processing, only at a minimal, barely significant rate) and they must also occur naturally.MeatsYes, the carnivore in you can breathe easy, because you can still enjoy meats and get your animal protein fix in Paleo. However, you have to be mindful of the meats that you eat.You must choose meat fro m livestock that has been fed with grass, instead of grains. Why? Because eating grain-fed meats is an indirect way of consuming grains, and we have already established that grains are an absolute no-no in Paleo. It wouldn’t hurt to do some research on whether the meats are obtained from pasture-raised animals, since these are the ones that are most likely to be grass-fed.Aside from red meat and pork, you may also include animal organs such as liver and kidney in your Paleo meal plan. Meats from poultry or fowls, such as free range chicken, turkey and duck, are also great choices. If you are going to be eating chicken, look for ones that are derived from free range chicken.[slideshare id=58550973doc=thelazypeoplewaytopaleodiet-160222115014type=dw=640h=330]SeafoodSeafood is another excellent source of animal protein. As the name implies, stick to those that actually came from the sea, instead of “farmed seafood”, or those that have been raised in a cultured and controlled envir onment such as fishponds. These controlled environments often make use of some substances that are potentially toxic to the farmed seafood andby extension, to the one that consumes them.Wild fish, or fish caught directly from the ocean, is preferred.Shellfish, also preferably caught in the wild.Fruits, nuts and seedsLook at most other types of diets, and fruits are sure to be present. This is because they are excellent sources of natural sugar, which is the best type of sugar. However, try to stick with the fruits that have low sugar content. Berries are also highly recommended because of their antioxidant properties.If you are trying the Paleo diet with the ultimate goal of losing weight, you will have to regulate your fruit intake. Remember, too much sugar â€" even if it is the natural and the best kind â€" will still not be good if you want to keep excess fats at bay.It is also all right to include nuts and seeds in your list, but consume in moderation. If your goal is to lose we ight, however, you should just eliminate nuts altogether. In fact, peanuts should be avoided entirely.VegetablesJust like fruits, vegetables are also staples in almost every diet program. The great thing about them is that you can basically go all-out with them, since they are rich in nutrients that your body needs.Still, you have to be careful when choosing the types of vegetables you eat, paying particular attention to how it is served or cooked. Deep-fried vegetables are not ideal since they may be steeped in too much oil and the deep-frying process can easily remove all those nutrients that you wanted to get in the first place.Root vegetables and tubers also fall under this category. Undoubtedly, one of the most known tubers is the sweet potato, which is also recognized as one of the best sources of natural carbohydrates and starch. Yams are not far behind on the list.Natural oils and fatsBelieve it or not, paleo does not shun fats. In fact, it encourages high fat levels, but we are not talking about just any kind of fat. It must be the good kind of fat, or saturated fats and natural fats.“Natural” being the operative word, choose the oils that are sourced from natural and unprocessed foods. Excellent examples are olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil and macadamia oil.Saturated fats are obtained from coconut oil, as well as butter. (Butter, but not margarine.) So, yes, some processed dairy products are acceptable. Animal fat is not frowned on, either, provided that it comes from grass-fed animals that are healthy and raised and treated well. Examples are lard, duck fat, and beef tallow.Be careful and watch out for the following:Some of these oils may have undergone a lot of processing, thus stripping them of their natural properties.Beware of hydrogenated and semi-hydrogenated vegetable oils, as they have undergone processing. Examples are canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil.Take note of the usage of the oils. So me are meant for cooking while others are for drizzling only or for mixing with dressings and dips. Examples are avocado oil and olive oil.EggsIn the same way some butters are allowed in the paleo diet, eggs also are allowed. Again, the eggs should be produced by free-range poultry in order for it to be Paleo-compliant.What Not To EatThe first impression that newbies have about paleo is that all carbs are bad. That is not the case, because Paleo still recognizes the importance of carbs for the body. However, there are certain considerations, such as the type of carb (or, more specifically, its source) and the amount of carb intake.Paleo gives a nod to carbs obtained from vegetables and fruits, and a popular favorite is the sweet potato. Therefore, going Paleo does not mean eliminating carbs completely from your food list.Here are the other food items that you should also avoid eating (because, hey, our ancestors who lived in caves certainly avoided them as well!).Cereals and grainsA s mentioned earlier, grains are very rich in carbohydrates. We all know that carbohydrates are sources of energy for the body once they have been transformed into glucose, which is a type of sugar. Excess fats, which lead to obesity, come from any unused glucose. This means that, with the intake of grains, there are higher chances of fat being accumulated in the body.Grains are also known for containing gluten, a type of protein that most people develop an intolerance against, leading them to suffer conditions such as joint pains, acid reflux, and even reproductive problems.Lectins, which are natural toxins that can damage the gastrointestinal tract, is also abundant in many types of grains.Avoid these grains: barley, corn, wheat, oats, rye and brown rice. This may be confusing, especially at the beginning, for those who have tried other diets beforehand, particularly those that incorporate wheat in the diet. But in Paleo, grains are to be avoided.LegumesJust like cereals and grains , legumes must be cut out from your diet. These include, but are not limited to black-eyed peas, kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, and soy.Dairy productsExcept for some butters, remove all dairy products from your food list. This is often a confusing aspect of Paleo, since some dairy products are good while others simply have no place in your Paleo diet. For one thing, dairy has high carbohydrate content and the lactose they contain are also identified as causes of weight problems, issues on insulin control and certain conditions such as Crohn’s disease.Not all dairy are bad, however. If you cannot completely cut out milk or yogurt, look for the full-fat or fermented products or, better yet, raw milk from pasture-fed animals.Fruit juices and sodasThese contain, in abundance, the sugar that we want so much to avoid: refined sugars.Packaged snacks and treatsAgain, these foods include refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, not to mention a lot of sodium and salt. These are al so sure to have undergone a lot of processing, which makes them unhealthy in Paleo’s standards.While it is true that Paleo may seem like it has a lot of restrictions, it still leaves a wide room for you to move around. There are still a lot of food choices that you can go through when creating your Paleo food list and, best of all, you will still enjoy good food while looking out for your health and well-being.

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Analysis Of The Poem Anthem For Doomed Youth Essay

The most successful text is one which challenges us to re-asses out thinking. â€Å"Anthem for doomed youth† According to Google dictionary, an anthem is, â€Å"a rousing or uplifting song,† whereas this poem is more like a dismal song about mourning the deaths of those lost at war. Owen’s description of adolescent male soldiers being doomed augments his interpretation of young soldiers being extremely at risk within combat. ‘Doomed’ is a word that carries the effect and imagery of these young men being sent to their doom by propagandists and recruiters, and becoming denied of the remembrance they deserve as they lose their lives to the ruins of war. Aim at Propagandists: â€Å"die as cattle’ This simile allows Owen to immediately establish his full judgment of war which is that every soldier who participates within the ruins of war is participating in being herded like cattle to a certain and barbaric death almost immediately. â€Å"monstrous anger of the guns† Owen’s personification of the anger of the guns as being monstrous not only implies the guns being loud, destructive, and terrifying, but also that the events that occur within war were caused by a variety of inhuman acts. Through this utilization, Owen is successful in conveying the reality of one of the many horrendous facts of warfare. â€Å"riffles’ rapid rattles† This line indicates the rat-a-tat-tat of the riffles in which fire consistently until there is no one to kill. Owen’s utilization of this line allows him to underpin theShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Owen s Poem Anthem For Doomed Youth 831 Words   |  4 PagesIn Owen’s poem, â€Å"Anthem for Doomed Youth†, the speaker meditates on both the brevity and value of life. From the very beginning of the poem, it is evident that Owen (the author and speaker) has a negative view of the war, believing that the political powers that are using the soldiers do not value them either as people or as soldiers, either when they are living or as they die. As he reflects on how little effort is put forth to honor the death of the soldiers with funeral rites, he also pondersRead MoreAnalysis Of Poem Anthem For Doomed Youth By Wilfred Owen And Trench Duty927 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout history, wars have been an important factor affe cting many people’s lives. The two sonnets â€Å"Anthem for Doomed Youth† by Wilfred Owen and â€Å"Trench Duty† by Siegfried Sassoon are two tales inspired by their experiences fighting in WW1 and all the horrors that war made them experience. Both poets use different sonnet structures, yet convey quite similar messages. In addition, these poets develop powerful images and metaphors, but in subtly different ways. Sassoon and Owen use structure, imageryRead MoreAnalysis of Anthem for Doomed Youth1382 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of â€Å"Anthem for Doomed Youth† Originally published in 1920, shortly after World War I, â€Å"Anthem for Doomed Youth† demonstrates the horror of the unjust deaths of young soldiers. â€Å"Anthem for Doomed Youth† is a poem about Owen’s distain towards the honourless way in which young soldiers pass on, and the impact their deaths have on the loved ones they leave behind. The following essay will show that in the anti-war poem, â€Å"Anthem for Doomed Youth†, Owen uses sensational descriptionRead MoreEssay about WWI Sources1632 Words   |  7 Pagesindividuals to better understand the facts, feeling and context of the home front and battlefield of World War One. Autobiographies, diaries, letters, official records, photographs and poems are examples of primary sources from World War One. The two primary sources analyzed in this essay are the poems, â€Å"Anthem for Doomed Youth† by Wilfred Owen and â€Å"In Flanders Fields† by John McCrae. Primary sources are often personal, written from the limited perspective of a single individual. It is very difficult forRead MoreEssay about Analysis of Anthem For Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen937 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Anthem For Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen The first poem that I am to analyse is Anthem for Doomed Youth, written by Wilfred Owen. This poem is a sonnet. It has fourteen lines. In this poem, the first and fourth lines rhyme, as do the second and third. The first stanza is mainly about the battlefield, whereas the second stanza is more about the feelings of friends and family back at home. This poem starts off at a quick pace, and then slows down throughout Read MoreAnthem for Doomed Youth - Analysis1143 Words   |  5 PagesAnthem for Doomed Youth - Analysis The very title that Wilfred Owen chose for his war poem, Anthem for Doomed Youth is an apt representation of what he wanted the poem to encapsulate and the emotions he wanted to evoke in the readers. The word anthem and doomed youth is a stark juxtaposition when placed in the same sentence. An anthem is supposed to be something revered, something that represents the glory of a country and is bursting with national pride. However, when placed rightRead More Consider changes Owen made in Anthem For Doomed Youth. How effective1664 Words   |  7 PagesConsider changes Owen made in Anthem For Doomed Youth. How effective do you find them in presenting the Pity of War? In this essay I intend to analysis how effective the redrafts of the poem Anthem For Doomed Youth by comparing the first and final drafts. I will go about this task by comparing and contrasting the parts of the poem, which have been change to the ones, which appeared in the final draft. The first change that one is confronted with is the change of the title. Owen beginsRead MorePoetry and War1681 Words   |  7 Pagesby: vdg How does Owen explore the themes of war through the power of his poetry? Answer Q Owen expresses the themes of war through the unique power of poetry. Both the mental and physical brutality of war is emphasised in the poems, â€Å"The Send off,† â€Å"Anthem for doomed youth† and â€Å"Spring Offensive,† furthering the responder’s understanding of a soldier’s life on the western front. Owen employs various poetic devices such as imagery, symbolism and sound techniques, and powerful language features, togetherRead MoreWilfred Owen Techniques1135 Words   |  5 Pagesabove i will provide an analysis of his poetry in general. Matter All of Owens poetry we have studied is based around the horrors of war and the physical and emotional trauma that it caused to those that experienced it firsthand. The themes that are strongly expressed are those of horror, pain and ultimately death. Owen effectively expresses feeling that helps to create an emotional response for the reader by the depressing sometimes even shocking nature of his poems that depict the overallRead MoreAnalysis of The Charge Of The Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson553 Words   |  3 PagesAnalysis of The Charge Of The Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson The second poem I an going to analyse is The Charge Of The Light Brigade, it is about the Crimean War. It is a famous Regiment of 600 men. The poem was written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The poem was based on a newspaper account describing a battle. The article glorified the slaughter of men. The commander didnt understand the orders given to him to replace some guns held by the Russians and he

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Religion, Morality, and the Good Life Free Essays

Religion, Morality, and the Good Life Does morality depend on religion? Many believe the fundamental aspects of morality and religion join to form the basis on how one chooses to live their life. Some would define morality as a system we humans use to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Morality could derive from a number of different factors including, religion, culture, and upbringing. We will write a custom essay sample on Religion, Morality, and the Good Life or any similar topic only for you Order Now Those that believe that morality derives from religion or God’s commands trust in the Divine Command Theory. The Divine Command Theory is the idea that morality is dependent on God; that one’s moral obligation be determined by their obedience to God’s commands. This theory has been and probably will continue to be controversial to many. Morality must have a purely secular foundation. Although religion might not be the concrete basis for morality, it is certain that religion is needed sometime when dealing with specific aspects of morality. There are 2 types of morality, justified and unjustified. Justified morality is common sense and does not require intense interpretation. For example, â€Å"Do not steal† is a justified moral command because when one steals they are bringing evil to someone and that is immoral. Unjustified morals are much harder to find reason for than justified morals which can be easily justified by common knowledge. â€Å"Do not have sex before marriage,† is an example of an unjustified morality. It is difficult to explain why doing the act is immoral. This moral standard is irrational in that there is no reasonable answer why one should not do this act in order to remain moral. Religion comes in handy when dealing with grey areas of morality. Those grey areas are known as the unjustified moral commands or unjustified morality. Given the example for an unjustified moral command, one could answer the question â€Å"Why should I not do this in order to remain moral,† by saying it is immoral to have sex before marriage because God commanded us not to because he will punish one who does not follow his commandments. There is no central harm because if this action but one’s self-interest or fear of God’s wrath will keep one from committing this immoral act. The use of God and religion to justify these issues is only useful when dealing with a God-fearing and moral person. Although using religion with morality, in this case, may cause one to agree that morality needs religion and that the Divine Command Theory explains why, it does not justify that religion is the basis for morality. Are right and wrong actions commanded by God? The Divine Command Theory states that good and bad are created by God, not by humans. It has been illustrated that the Divine Command Theory cannot be logically true. The Divine Command Theory states that if God commands â€Å"A,† his commands by itself are sufficient to make â€Å"A† good. â€Å"A is good† just means â€Å"A is commanded by God. † God’s commands are good simply because God commands it. If there were no God, or if God did not issue any commands, then there would be no such thing as moral right or wrong. However, if actions are good on their own without influence from God, then the Divine Command Theory is false because it is naturally commanded that we do things which are good and avoid those in which we know to be wrong. One’s belief in the existence of a god or gods may cause one to believe that morality assumes God’s existence. Their beliefs seem to give their lives purpose and clear understanding. In Genesis 1:27 it says, â€Å"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. † (NIV) According to Christianity, God created us in his likeness as to fulfill the plan or purpose that he had intended for us. With this idea, the Catholic Church developed the concept of natural law. This natural law concept stated that by working out what one’s purpose is, we will be able to see how we should act and/or behave; it would be apparent in the way in which we have been designed. Within the Catholic Church, the Pope’s condemnation of homosexuality is an example of the natural law theory at work. The natural result to sex is conception, and any other sexual act that is not available to this possibility would be an immoral rejection to the plan God had intended for them. It is obvious that this natural law approach to ethics can cause controversy. It might be perceived as a poor imitation of morality in that it fails to provide justification for many basic moral principles. The supposed link between God and morality provides the idea because God is omnipotent and our creator; we have an obligation to obey his commands. With him being our creator, we owe him our existence. Many ask the obvious question, â€Å"Why do we have this obligation? † Although this view has not stood up to reflection, people once believed that children owed the act of obedience to their parents only because children depended on their parents. This view is remarkably similar to the reasoning given for feudalism. In feudalism, in exchange for the protection of the lord, the vassal would give some sort of service to the lord. The obligation between the lord and the vassal regarding the fief or land forms the basis of the feudal relationship. The weakness in this political system was that the vassals never agreed to this plan. By answering the above question in saying that our obligation to obey God’s command is because obedience is morally right, the assumption has been made that morality exists independently of God. Why things are right in the first place is justified and explained by the Divine Command Theory. The Divine Command Theory shows an apparent resemblance to the natural law approach as discussed just before. Rather than focusing on features of his assumed creation as with the natural law theory, the Divine Command Theory implicates a focus on God’s orders. An obvious example of God’s orders would be the Ten Commandments. The most common objection to this approach is that it makes morality seem somewhat subjective. It implies the theoretical likelihood of rape being right simply because God commands this. Some may say that God would never command such an act as rape. God has not, in fact, commanded that rape is good. Assuming that the Divine Command Theory is, in fact, true, it would see God’s goodness in that he will not do anything wrong. But it does not follow that he won’t be unjust or cruel. As long as he is not violating any of his commands, no matter what God does, he will not be doing anything wrong. God is omniscient and morally perfect. Surely this gives us exact reason to why we ought to obey his commands. God’s moral perfection, after all, guarantees that he will issue only those commands that he thinks are right. His overall insight and expertise assures that he will never be wrong in what he believes is right to command of us. It sees God as the highest possible moral guide, giving us reason to always obey his commands. Although this is correct, it does not support the Divine Command Theory. To argue this point is to assume that the greater moral quality is dependent of God’s will, in which the basis for what he commands is. Some thinkers like Immanuel Kant and John Newman, just to name a few, have argued that a sense of conscience is evidence of God. With morality and religion being independent of one another, the independence is considered to be compatible with the existence of God. If we accept that the existence of conscience assumes a being to whom we owe responsibility, God would seem like the only candidate. He is the only person with omnipotent power to see and judge our every action. Newman furthered this thought by asking why people would feel guilty if they did not think they were being watched. In conclusion, there is something wrong with every way of linking morality to religion. I am not claiming that religion cannot have things to say about morality or that it is incapable of helping people do what is morally right. Instead, my claim is that ethics is enhanced with a religiously neutral foundation. Religion can be defined a set of practices independent of a belief system. Religion is the way in which you worship. Some people have participated in religious worship for a while without giving a great deal of thought to a belief system. Morality can be based on religion, but it also can be independent of one’s religion or faith. Although it is possible to hold a religion and not hold to any strong moral principles and vice versa for holding just moral principles, many people hold religious and moral principles. As with Christianity, religion is doing what you are told to do regardless of what is right, and morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told to do. Although morality and religion are used at times to justify one another, they are not dependent of one another. . Works Cited â€Å"Genesis 1 NIV – The Beginning – In the beginning God – Bible †¦ † Bible Gateway. Web. 15 Apr. 2013 http://www. biblegateway. com/passage/? search=genesis+1version=NIV. â€Å"The Internet Classics Archive | Euthyphro by Plato. † The Euthyphro. N. p. , n. d. Web. 15 Apr. 2013 How to cite Religion, Morality, and the Good Life, Papers

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What Is Popular Music free essay sample

The biggest group of the British Invasion was the Beetles. The Beetles sometimes sang songs with catchy lyrics and melodies. This would be the centerpiece of pop music through the next several decades. 5. Bands featured between three and six young males who sang, but did not play instruments. 1. Yes music is still used for protest things such as gay rights and abortions. 2. Music has become more commercial because artist can become millionaires with just one song. Some artist do songs to express their ideas and beliefs. 3. Amps and pods have artist selling songs even faster. Automate lets anyone sound like they have talent. TV lets artist advertise 24/7. 4. Young adults look forward to love and romance and pop adheres to it. Nearly every song it about love and heartbreak. 5. Bruno Mars most of his songs shush as Grenade When I Was Your Man are about love like most generic pop songs. We will write a custom essay sample on What Is Popular Music? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Girls love his pretty face.